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About WANB

Formed in May 2016, the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay (WANB) Joint Powers Agency is responsible for the policy making and implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs and services administered in Lake, Marin and Napa counties via their respective America’s Job Centers of California (AJCCs).

Structure of the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay

Workforce Alliance of the North Bay Regional Workforce Development Area
(Lake, Marin and Napa Counties)
AKA the Regional Area

Workforce Alliance of the North Bay Governing Board
(Members are Board of Supervisors from Lake, Marin and Napa Counties “The CLEO”)
AKA The Governing Board

Workforce Alliance of the North Bay Regional Workforce Development Board
(Governing Board Appoints Members Pursuant to WIOA Regulations)
AKA the Regional Board

Workforce Alliance of the North Bay Governing Board Members

Supervisor Damon Connolly, Marin County (President)
Supervisor Judy Arnold, Marin County
Supervisor Anthony Farrington, Lake County
Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza, Napa County
Supervisor Jim Steele, Lake County
Supervisor Brad Wagenknecht, Napa County
Bruce Wilson, Executive Director

Workforce Alliance of the North Bay Regional Workforce Development Board

Jeri Gill, Sustainable Napa County (Interim Chair)
Debbie Antonsen, Employment Development Department
Cathy Balach, Napa Valley Adult Education Consortium
Mark Bontrager, Aldea, Inc.
Susan Byrne, Kaiser Permanente
Tony Castillo, Northern California Laborers Union
Paul Castro, California Human Development
Frank Cuneo, Napa & Solano Central Labor Council
Robert Eyler, Marin Economic Forum
Chris Fernandez, Department of Rehabilitation
Jennifer Gotti, Brayton Purcell, LLP
Kelley Hartman, Nelson Staffing
Paul Hicks, Payroll Masters
Ken Lippi, Marin County Office of Education
Mary Ann Mancuso, Ashton212
Beth Pratt, College of Marin
Bill Scott, Marin Building & Construction and Trades Council
Windi Snearly, Wells Fargo
Hunter Stern, IBEW Local Union 1245
Cheryl Valesquez, Hilton Worldwide Embassy Suites
Joanne Webster, San Rafael Chamber of Commerce
Rick Wells, Marin Builders Association
Cecilia Zamora Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
David Zwicky, Hospice by the Bay

Roles and Responsibilities

The Governing Board has a critical role in the creation and oversight the workforce system in Marin, Napa and Lake counties with the following responsibilities:

  • Serve as the local WIOA grant recipient and bear the liability for funds flowing to the regional workforce development area.
  • Determine the local administrative entity that will be the local grant recipient and fiscal agent for the disbursement of the funds. 
  • Determine the size and appoint members to the regional board based upon the criteria established by WIOA.
  • In coordination with the regional board, produce and submit a comprehensive regional plan that meets all the requirements of WIOA.
  • Work with the regional board and the Governor to negotiate local performance accountability measures as part of the local plan.
  • In coordination with the regional board, develop workforce investment activities and approve providers of WIOA services.
  • Approve and monitor as required the WIOA budget/expenditures, activities and performance outcomes including the one stop delivery system.

The work of the Regional Board is performed in partnership with the Governing Board. The role of Regional Board is to direct federal, state and local funding to workforce development programs within the Regional Area.  Additionally, the Regional Board conducts research on these programs and the needs of their regional economy. They also competitively procure and oversee the AJCCs where job seekers can get employment information, find out about career development training opportunities and connect to various programs . AJCCs also provide many no-cost services to employers as well. 
Below is a summary of the 13 core responsibilities of Regional Board:

  • Submission of a local plan
  • Workforce research and regional labor market analysis
  • Convening, brokering, and leveraging of local stakeholders
  • Sector partnerships and employer engagement
  • Education partnerships and career pathways development
  • Promote and disseminate information on proven and promising practices
  • Develop strategies for using technology to maximize accessibility and effectiveness if the local workforce development system
  • Program oversight
  • Negotiation of local performance measures
  • Competitive selection and ongoing oversight of service providers
  • Coordination with education and training providers, including reviewing the applications to provide adult education and literacy activities in the local area to ensure alignment with the local plan
  • Budget and administration
  • Annual assessment of one stop to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities

Local Advisory Committees

Lake County Advisory Committee
Marin County Advisory Committee
Napa County Advisory Committee

Pursuant to the Joint Powers Agency Agreement each County will have a local advisory committee that reports to the Regional Board. The local advisory committees will ensure sustained business and partner engagement in local and regional workforce development efforts.

Purpose of the Advisory Committees:

  • To review workforce issues and opportunities specific to their local area.
  • Formalize recommended actions for implementation to the Governing Board and Regional Board. Sample actions may include recommendations for contracted WIOA service providers, oversight of One-Stop system performance and convening of key workforce summits and meetings.

Contact Information

The WANB can be reached via phone at 415.473.3364 or via fax at 415.473.3333

Meeting Agendas

WANB Governing Board June 21, 2016 Agenda