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Business Services

Business Services at the Marin Employment Connection (MEC) is a great resource. Our team can assist with talent recruitment, funds to offset initial new hire training and even customized skill upgrades for your current staff.  Services available through MEC include:

  • Workshops, seminars and information on a wide variety of topics of concern to businesses
  • Customized employee training programs
  • Wage & industry employment projections
  • Answers to employment-related questions
  • Free job postings on the MEC Job Board
  • Facilities for on-site recruitment
  • Information on the latest tax incentives
  • Consulting and other services for small businesses and entrepreneurs

MEC Job Board

The MEC Job Board is a real-time listing of all local jobs from a myraid industries. Employers can post at no cost by submitting a job posting here. For any questions, please contact bizservices@marinemployment.org. Be sure to give candidates information on the position, organization, and how to apply. Also highlight the benefits of working at your organization. Please expect postings to be up on the board within 48 hours. Additional postings are available via caljobs.ca.gov.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Our Business Services team can provide pre-screened candidates or work with your hiring team and their selected candidate. The business makes the ultimate decision on who to hire, and the Business Services team covers 50%-90% of the salary and costs during training for the new hire up to $3,500. Check out these FAQs about OJTs!

Customized Training

One of the major concerns expressed by businesses today is that employees lack the necessary skills needed in today’s competitive environment. Whether it’s “soft skills” upgrading, office technology, or OSHA training, your current employees may be eligible for training via a customized training agreement between MEC and the employer. Past programs have included English as a second language in the landscaping, hospitality and healthcare industry. Let us review and design employee training programs that meet your business needs. Keep your talent and your business competitive! Check out these FAQs about Customized Trainings!

Employer Workshops and Recruitments

Workshops are held throughout the year on hot topics for business owners such as using social media to market products and services, how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects your business, options for microlending, and business planning and marketing. If you are interested in learning more, just drop us a line at bizservices@marinemployment.org.

Business Services offers both classroom-style and web-based seminars to educate employers on labor issues such as engaging multi-generational workers. All designed to strengthen the economic vitality of Marin business!

Many businesses looking to expand in Marin have used the recruitment services of the MEC. Our Business Services team organizes on-site recruitment for businesses big and small, which assists in quickly screening and selecting the best candidates for the job. Check out the MEC Calendar and MEC Job Board for a look at this month's current recruitments and job openings.

Outplacement Services

There are times when you may need to reduce the size of your workforce. How can you accomplish this in a way that minimizes the impact on the employees affected by the reduction? The MEC provides information and services to help you prepare for workforce downsizing, as well as delivering information and services to laid-off employees.

The MEC is available to make presentations to the affected employees of any business that is downsizing, regardless of the size of the layoff, either at your location or at our offices. We can also provide materials for employers to share with employees. These materials explain the unemployment insurance program and introduce employees to job search and other services available through the MEC and our Career Resource Center.

If you are considering downsizing your workforce, contact the MEC before you take action. We can provide you with up-to-date information about labor laws and the unemployment insurance program so that you are fully informed about your obligations as an employer. A representative is available to answer questions on employment topics, give assistance in obtaining state forms and publications, and make referrals to appropriate government agencies. Contact Business Services at 415.473.3309 or bizservices@marinemployment.org.

Business Partnerships

If you are a local business owner or working professional and want to give back to the community, come join us! There are ways big and small you can help!

The Business Services team partners with local businesses to offer a host of vital services to our clients such as guest workshops and seminars. Past examples include the Wells Fargo corporate recruitment team offering tips on acing the interview and Bank of Marin discussing how to navigate the intergenerational workplace.

Your subject matter expertise helps inform and direct our knowledge on the current job market, new ways for our customers to enhance their job search efforts, and how to improve existing training programs.

Partner with us and our local educational partners to help inform curriculum to better prepare our future workforce to meet your talent needs!